RLG245:  Religions of the Silk Road
Professor:  Amanda Goodman
University of Toronto – St. George

RLG245:  Religions of the Silk Road – a course at the University of Toronto aiming to entice the average student into re-discovering the world’s past, the people who walked on it and what of them they left behind.

During a time where high end automobiles, trains and planes were not available to connect the world into one massive global village, the Silk Road existed as a way to connect the regions of Asia of the time.  A series of interconnected trade routes that blossomed with people of every race, religion, and colour, the Silk Road allowed those in Europe and the middle east, to taste the wonders of South and East Asia, and vice versa.

This blog exists to add to the ever-growing research on the people of the silk road, the religions they adhered to, and their actions.


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